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Maghanlawaun  Bridia Valley  
Glencar  County Kerry V93A8N1 Ireland 


GPS 51°58'21.3348"-9°46'51.7044"W   
OS map ref:  V 7766 8144  
 Satnav:   51.97226, -9.78111 

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Trailhead Carrauntoohil  Carauntoohill  CorrĂ¡n Tuathail

an alternate route that is off the beaten track, it is not way marked.

it is the route used by IMRA race to Carrauntoohil and return

please be aware this is only a suggested route use your own judgment for starting this route the following notes are for rough guidance only.

please leave word with someone if you are using this suggested route

Trailhead start and finish at The Stepping Stone approx time on route 4.5-7 hours allow some extra  time for stopping

first there is limited parking available

Begin at the bottom of the lack road -9.78128 51.97225 round trip 11.4Km

Following the Kerry way marked trail opposite the gate-crossing four stiles a gate then three more stiles zigzagging up the Lack road to the saddle.-9.79402 51.97707 Climb over the stile At the fence past our signpost turn right and follow the fence line all the way the top, the fence ends within sight of the summit of Curraghmore 822mtrs -9.76448 51.98818. I use the fence as a safety rail for ascending and descending  particularly if there is low but rising cloud (the type of day when you would like to climb but are cautious and end up not going but wish you had by 2pm the cloud has cleared and a day on the mountain has gone). From the top of the fence onward exercise your own judgment regarding the weather and visibility for carrying on to Caher 1001mtrs -9.75856 51.99438 from here the ridge route is a well worn path care needs to be taken when crossing this ridge in any weather condition.the way then broadens out and a view of the cross atop of Carrauntoohil 1039 mtrs -9.74298 51.99936

On your descent from Carrauntoohil you can retrace your steps back the way you came or follow the path down a little to the south/south east when the path turns to the northeast for a descent into The Hags Glen---Leave the path here -9.73756 51.99273 and turn southwest descend from the Col and make your own way zigzagging down the descent is steep to Curraghmore lake.

(Do not attempt this descent in snow and ice) 

weather and time permitting a nice swim in the lake is possible,

if not carry on around the lake to the west and rejoin the Kerry way on the saddle between Bridia  and Black valley's the route from here is well signposted after descending into the valley you now have a (choice) you can carry on straight west and pass the two story farm house keeping the house on your left staying above the farm compound and then rejoin the road at the gate some 200 meters past the house. from your (choice) you could also turn left and track by the single story farmhouse to the south under the shadow of Broaghnabinna there is a good track to follow with a foot-bridge across the stream  this will take you to rejoin the road at the gate.

travel the road back to a warm welcome at the Stepping Stone & accommodation

leave no trace of your passing, and be quiet when near farm houses, Please close all gates

HINT if you are carrying a mobile telephone switch it off and only switch it on if you need it. the signal  around the mountains is sometimes hard to get your mobile runs down very quick becoming useless if you need it. if you are travelling in a group and you need to use the mobile telephone phone try only one person at a time with all other mobile telephones switched off, you will be more likely to make a connection in areas where the signal is weak. you can also use the backlight at night to see you way please bring a torch a spare battery and a whistle if you need to attract attention for help. Do not rely on your mobile to summon help if you need it.carry a torch and a whistle

Please take note 
The Stepping Stone 
is not a hostel

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